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Shanghai Minghao Investment Management Group Co., Ltd

Shanghai Minghao Investment Management Group Co., Ltd. is a real estate development enterprise engaged in commercial real estate development and professional market operation and management. It focuses on the development and management of large-scale professional market and three-dimensional online mall. The company is headquartered in Shanghai financial center - Lujiazui.

The Group's main companies include: Hong Kong Central Star Resources Limited, Shanghai Yingjia Metal Materials Co., Ltd., Shanghai Xiongjin Ceramics Co., Ltd., Shanghai Guanghua Instrument Factory Co., Ltd., Shanghai Yi Buy Network Technology Co., Ltd....more?+

Address of Chairman of the Board

The value of a business, as a person's value, does not depend much on what has been achieved, but what is its true mission? As we Minghao people continue to pursue the dream of the results, but also change the fate of each of us each process.

We Minghao people, will pursue the "integrity-based, innovation for the soul, constantly beyond, the pursuit of perfection" spirit of enterprise, and strive to achieve "brand to create efficiency," the ultimate goal. I believe in the Ming-hao team's joint efforts, we will be able to achieve!

At the same time, hope that every Minghao employees can look at the perspective of globalization of our customers, feel the needs of customers, experience the progress of the times, fully understand the meaning of Minghao, together to create Minghao brand.

- Huang Jianyi

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Subsidiary company

Group vision

Our vision with a concept throughout the entire process, with a quality cast the future "the city" and "industrialization" of the two theme of the times, dreams provides a broad stage: Ming Hao, at this stage, will write a new chapter in the development of commercial real estate, will build a high-tech......

Minghao culture

The enterprise has a culture, as people have thought, the pace can move forward, culture, as a kind of resource, be Minghao group as the core and soul of the value system of an enterprise, and penetrated into all aspects of business activities and establishes a unique enterprise culture of Ming hao......

Strategic cooperation

Hand in hand, rigorous, fearless...

Is Minghao confident dedication

We are a group of passionate people, together with a common belief;

Hand in hand, every day and night, we work together for your career planning;

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  • Ming Hao company which?

    Ming Hao company which?

    Shanghai Minghao Investment Management Group Co., Ltd,Hong Kong Central Star Resources Limited,Shanghai Yingjia Metal Materials Co., Ltd.,Shanghai Xiongjin Ceramics Co....

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